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What Cannot Be Shaken Will Remain — 21 August 2022

We are assured of our place on this firm foundation of grace in God’s unshakable kindom through the gift of baptism. We are taken off of uneven ground, pulled out of the miry clay and placed on solid rock. Through the water and the word, this gift of God’s grace is made visible and experienced among us. Continue Reading

Transforming Loneliness — 14 August 2022

Here, in this place, for a few moments on a Sunday morning, we make a home together, often among unlikely kin.  Here, in shared moments of ritual and grace, the great chasms that form among us as people and the great chasms that separate us from God and God’s life into the ages, become thin.  A morsel of bread and a sip of wine become a monumental feast of unity shared among all who gather and shared with the great cloud of faithful witnesses of all times and places.  It is a deep and abiding mystery, when we take it into ourselves. It is fuel for transformation and redemption.  It is the means by which, together, we divide through the waters of meaninglessness, like the Israelites saw the Red Sea parted.  It is the means by which, together, we call for walls to be brought down, like the tumbling stones of the Jericho fortress.  It is the way, together, we test the call of God, like Gideon and his fleece.  And how we call one another to account for our sins, as Samuel did to his mentor Eli, and accept the kind of forgiveness that is inspired by God alone, like David.Continue Reading

Faith for Impossible Situations — 7 August 2022

Beloved, we are called to be faithful when faith seems impossible. True, this is a challenge, but it is also a gift, because if we do not have faith in impossible situations, then all we have are impossible situations. And maybe that’s all the evidence we need: that even when everything seems stacked against us, we know that this impossible situation is not all there is, but we believe that God is preparing something more for us.Continue Reading

You Are Enough and You Are Loved—31 July 2022

We are worthy to be called children of God, not because of what we bring or what we do, but simply because we are. God has called you “child”, has said you are enough and you are loved. We gather at this table, fixing our eyes on Christ who is truly present in the bread and in the wine. We are washed and fed so we can be God’s people in the world, freed from fears of scarcity in order to love others fully and deeply, in order to risk everything as we join God in restoring the world with grace and peace.Continue Reading

Through Christ, We Know Who God Is — 24 July 2022

We pray for the time when God’s reign will extend over all creation, when every tear will be dried, when death is swallowed up. We pray for the time when we will gather on the holy mountain where there will be a feast for all people, when all of creation will be restored. We pray that all people will know who God is. And we trust that God’s kindom will come on its own, even without our prayers, but we ask that it may also come to us.Continue Reading

What would it mean in your life to let Christ hold it all together?—17 July 2022

We come and we are welcomed into the community simply because of who we are, not because of what we are able to do, not because of how well we are able to hold it all together. We lay down all the things we have been holding on to at the foot of the cross, giving them to God for safe-keeping, trusting the one who created us and the one who redeemed us will continue to hold all things together so that we can open our hands in praise, to receive the gifts of life and salvation.Continue Reading

Saying “Yes” to the Spirit — 22 May 2022

At baptism, God said “yes” to each and every one of us. God’s “yes” resounds in our lives and in our world – no matter whether we respond or not. But we practice resurrection by saying “yes” to the Spirit, not just once but time and time again. Our whole life of discipleship, of following Christ, is characterized by saying “yes” to the Holy Spirit, following God’s way even when it contradicts the way we had planned to go.
Continue Reading

Peter Didn’t Follow the Vegas Rules — 15 May 2022

Later, as Peter headed back to Jerusalem, I wonder if he thought about what he would tell the others. In some ways, I am sure Peter was tempted to play by the Vegas rules – you know, what happened in Caesarea stays in Caesarea. He had a role as a leader, but he broke the rules by staying with Gentiles. And even more, his actions – and the Holy Spirit’s actions – challenged their understanding of who was part of this Jesus-movement. Continue Reading

God Sees You — 8 May 2022

Tabitha saw these widows as individuals, women worthy of love and care. She didn’t just clothe them, but it says that she made the tunics and other clothing they had. She clothed them beautifully, carefully, not in what was leftover or discarded, but individually, with her own handiwork.Continue Reading

Imposter Syndrome — 6 March 2022

The disciplines of Lent, then—self-examination, fasting, sacrificial giving and acts of love—are aimed at helping others see and feel and know what God knows: that they—we—are Children of God. Who do you think you are, Beloved? The unending truth of grace is that God knows who you are. The season of Lent asks us again and again to return to this truth, the truth revealed in our baptisms: this is my beloved child. God knows who you are.
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Starting on the 13th of September 2020, we welcomed Pastor Adrianne Meier as preacher and pastor. During our interim, Pastor Darby Lawrence was our preacher. You can find some of his sermons here – click on the name of the sermon to open it. Other sermons are in his facebook feed and on the St. Thomas youtube page.

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, 8 August 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, 2 August 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Eighth Sunday of Pentecost, 26 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, 19 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Pentecost, 12 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, 5 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 28 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Third Sunday after Pentecost, 21 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Second Sunday after Pentecost, 14 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for Pentecost, 31 May 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for Ascension Sunday, 24 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 18 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 10 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, 3 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for St. Thomas Sunday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Easter Sunday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Good Friday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Maundy Thursday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Palm Sunday 2020

Doug Bauder: Water is Thicker than Blood – 30 June 2019

Amy Balcam: Vocation – 5 May 2019

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Marie F. Fleming: Table Grace – 31 March 2019

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Amy Balcam: Dislocated Exegesis & Jesus – 17 February 2019

Marie F. Fleming: “One Wild and Precious Life” – 27 January 2019

Marie F. Fleming: More than Enough – 21 October 2018

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Marie F. Fleming: Resident Aliens – 26 August 2018

Marie F. Fleming: Happy Meal – 29 July 2018

Timothy J. Hallett: You Are Witnesses – 15 April 2018

Ellen Mills: Rivers, 9-24-2017

Ellen Mills: Who Do You Say That I Am?, 8-27-2017

Doug Bauder: Why Worship, 8-20-2017

Ellen Mills: Old and New Treasures, 7-30-2017

Ellen Mills: Yoked to Jesus, 7-9-2017

Ellen Mills: Welcomed and Welcoming, 7-2-2017

Ellen Mills: Fearing the Wrong Thing, 6-25-2017

Dawn Bakken: So Sarah laughed to herself, 6-18-2017

Ellen Mills: Revealing God, 5-28-2017

At his request, Pastor Lyle McKee’s sermons have been removed from our website. Printed copies are available in the parish library.