The arbor at the center of the community garden

“What if our homes and churches went from being primarily sites of consumption to places of production? What if we planted church-supported community gardens, permaculture parishes, transition churches, and apostolic farms that fed entire neighborhoods? What if seminaries trained every future pastor in the agrarian arts, ecological literacy and sunshine-powered living? What if we created infrastructures of holiness, where God’s kingdom of shalom could flourish on earth as in heaven?” (Fred Bahnson in Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation)

Labyrinth gardenClick on this thumbnail to see a sketch of our garden, or come by the church to see it as it takes shape. The garden is on the hillside south of the church building.

Whether or not you attend St. Thomas, you are warmly invited to participate in Community Garden workshops and events. Please contact the church office for contact information for this year’s coordinator.

Guidelines for Organic Gardening

Some garden photographs – because there can never be too many garden photographs!

New plants getting started –
The cutting garden
This is late May – some perennials are coming back to life. And look at those onions!
The garden itself is laid out as a labyrinth
A corner garden
Our mini-orchard
A seed saving workshop at the community garden
The garden in autumn – this was before we put up the rabbit fencing
Everything growing just fine –
A generous crop of runner beans!
Planting time –