Keeping each other safe during COVID
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Our virtual worship ‘patchwork’ videos have many examples of our youth participation in worship leadership!

The Youth Group’s Bob Ross Paint Night

Youth Group
We understand that teenagers are a unique group of individuals who are a vital part of the church community. Our Youth Group engages in many ministry opportunities that promote life-long faith formation, from Bible study to local service projects and missions to camping experiences to national youth conferences. We are also a sanctuary of support, nurturing positive relationships, a place to bring your doubts knowing that others are in the same place or have been there before. We meet twice a month throughout the school year and several times over the summer.

With friends from all over the place at ELCA’s annual youth gathering

Confirmation Classes
Confirmation is a pivotal event in the life of young Christians. Tradition has developed this ministry with people in their adolescence because they are entering adulthood and their growth brings them new abilities to think abstractly about what they have been taught about faith. Confirmation Ministry is designed for the 7th, 8th, and early 9th grades. The basic text is Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, which covers five fundamental symbols of our faith: The Ten Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, and Holy Communion. The class is taught jointly by the Pastor and Youth Minister. The Affirmation of Baptism service is held on Reformation Sunday of the ninth grade year. This event signifies the official reception of young persons into full adult membership and marks an important rite of passage.

The youth of the congregation share in worship leadership as Acolytes, Lectors, and Assisting Ministers.

Sunday School Class
For middle school children, the Confirmation Class is their Sunday School class. The Youth Minister also oversees a class for high schoolers. The topics are based on student input and cover a wide range of interesting topics.

Retreats and Conferences
These are annual and regular events for concentrated growth and fun. Church camps, especially the one very near us in Brown County, are a common location for retreats on a variety of subjects. Lock-Ins at church are also very popular. Perhaps the favorite event is the national Youth Gathering organized by our national church and involving more than 30,000 teens.