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Solidarity, Not Judgement – 1 August 2021

… why do bad things happen to good people? For so long, we have answered that question by assuming every bad thing is a divine punishment, and, if not a punishment, at least a test. And, folks, it is time to put that assumption to bed. Let us, instead, pick up the mantle that suggests maybe even under all the divine judgement and punishment the Bible likes to record, maybe there is a different way God lives with us and with the world. Not judgement and punishment, but love, redemption, and solidarity.Continue Reading

What We Do With Red Hot Loneliness – 25 July 2021

We will all be lonely – we all have been lonely – in our lives. The past year or more has been incredibly lonely. We have literally been isolated in our homes. It has been bad enough that even introverts like me have been lonely! We cannot escape the fact of loneliness, but if we are willing to lean into our loneliness, we will see God’s grace at work, because the Good News isn’t that we can achieve pain-free living; the Good News is that God’s grace transforms our pain and loneliness into courage, compassion, wisdom, and resiliency.Continue Reading

What Does God Do With A Dream Deferred? – 18 July 2021

When our dreams dry up, crust over, explode, as Hughes predicts, what does God do? When everything we hope for becomes nothing more than sand running through our fingers? When we are reduced to dust, beginning where we started? What then? Then God rebuilds them into the realities that answer the earnest prayers of God’s people the world over. Continue Reading

The Stories We Don’t Tell – 11 July 2021

” David finally picked up the Ark because, having seen God’s wrath, what came next was God’s blessing. He heard a rumor that the home where he’d left the Ark was being blessed. And so David brought the Ark into Jerusalem and danced it in with all his might.And maybe that is what we are called to do, Beloved, to dance with all our might between the stories we cannot wait to the tell and the stories at least part of us want to silence forever. To dance with all our might between sin and redemption, between evil and good, between death and life, and to trust that God is there in it all.”Continue Reading

Better Isn’t Really Better – 20 June 2021

“Sometimes, Jesus looks like a fool – he loves the outsider until the insiders are jealous. He treats the least with the dignity denied them until those who believe themselves to be great humiliate him. He preaches love until hate kills him. But, in the light of the resurrection, how we view Christ is completely new! And why can’t that be true of each other? And why can’t that be true of us? We are in Christ, and so we are new creation. And you see, Beloved, all of this newness comes from God, not from other people, not from magazine racks, not from society. It comes from God.”
Continue Reading

The Proof We Need – 13 June 2021

In today’s story, water isn’t the only gift of God, so, too, is the wilderness. Many of the world’s religions teach us that pain is part of life. For Christians, the heart of making sense of pain and trauma is finding God in it. I don’t mean that it is God’s plan per se – I’ll let you work with that theological hot potato on your own, if you want. Making sense of pain and trauma is like what Fr. Richard Rohr, a Jesuit priest who runs the Center of Action and Contemplation, says, “If only we could see [our] ‘wounds’ as the way through as Jesus did, then they would become sacred wounds rather than scars to deny, disguise, and project onto others.” What the Israelites can draw from their parchedness could be their own transformation at the hands of a benevolent God. What we can draw out of our own thirst for safety and security, our own hunger for justice and righteousness, our own desire for wholeness…what we, too, can draw out is our own transformation at the hands of a benevolent God. Continue Reading

I Can Work With This – 6 June 2021

… Beloved, when I look at this disorder of this world—when I think about what we have just witnessed in Israel, and when I think about the streets of Minneapolis just one year ago, when I think about Seminary Park here, in Bloomington, in December, when I think about the pandemic, and when I think about the plastic polluting our water and our ever-warming atmosphere—when I think about the utter chaos of life, I hear the artist that is God grab a chisel, and the physician that is God grab a scalpel, and the accountant that is God grab a calculator, and the writer that is God pick up a pen, and I hear the Creator say, “Good. I can work with this.” Continue Reading

The Risks God Takes – 30 May 2021

… beloved, I guess what I’m getting to is this. You’ve had a crash-course in risk. We have thought about risk both individually and collectively in this past year. What are you going to take from this time? What are your going integrate into yourself? What has happened that will now help you turn to your neighbor and set them free, because that is what the gospel is all about? We will never be able to change the fact that to live is to risk, but we can choose to risk our lives and livelihoods for the sake of our neighbor. We can choose to stand and say not one more. No more needless death. No more heartbreak. We can choose to stand and say I will concern myself more with the safety of my neighbor than with my own well-being because that is what God does and that is what I am called to do.Continue Reading

Consuming Fire – 23 May 2021

We believe not in a personal divine vending machine who turns good deeds into minor miracles, but in a Consuming Fire, a Holy Spirit. When we say this is the God in whom we believe, Luther says that this God, this Holy Spirit “has called [us] through the gospel, enlightened [us] with his gifts, made [us] holy, and kept us in the truth faith, just as he calls, gathering, enlightens, and makes holy the whole Christian church on earth.” We’re not called to niceness, we’re not called to be consumers, our ultimately goal is likely not a good and happy life for ourselves. No, we are prophets, priests, and visionaries.
Continue Reading

Why Should We Believe You? – 16 May 2021

… beloved, we can’t buckle down and turn the world’s question, “why should we believe you,” into a debate to be won, a battle to the death. We will not survive it. And thanks be to God. Because perhaps it is only once we die to those lies – to any belief that we can have it all together, to any belief in our moral superiority or in our logical prowess to any believe that it is our righteousness, or rule-abiding that saves us— Perhaps it is only once we die to those lies, that may we rise to eternal life and be the love in the flesh we were baptized to be.Continue Reading


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Starting on the 13th of September 2020, we welcomed Pastor Adrianne Meier as preacher and pastor. During our interim, Pastor Darby Lawrence was our preacher. You can find some of his sermons here – click on the name of the sermon to open it. Other sermons are in his facebook feed and on the St. Thomas youtube page.

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, 8 August 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, 2 August 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Eighth Sunday of Pentecost, 26 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, 19 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Pentecost, 12 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, 5 July 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 28 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Third Sunday after Pentecost, 21 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for the Second Sunday after Pentecost, 14 June 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for Pentecost, 31 May 2020

Pastor Darby’s sermon for Ascension Sunday, 24 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 18 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 10 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, 3 May 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for St. Thomas Sunday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Easter Sunday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Good Friday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Maundy Thursday 2020

Pastor Darby Lawrence’s sermon for Palm Sunday 2020

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Dawn Bakken: So Sarah laughed to herself, 6-18-2017

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At his request, Pastor Lyle McKee’s sermons have been removed from our website. Printed copies are available in the parish library.