We want children to wade into worship! Hospitality is found at the core of the Gospel and, following Jesus’ example, we welcome children of all ages as integral members of the body of Christ. We encourage children to worship with their families and we try to provide resources to help children grow as disciples. We invite families to use any of these options on any given day.

Children’s Bulletin – Bulletins with activities to help the children learn from the lectionary readings are available from the ushers. (For children 7-12 years old.)

Children’s messages – While children are encouraged to participate in all parts of worship, there is a special time set aside for the youngest children of God. A worship leader shares a message in order to help children connect to the Scripture for the day. 

Prayer Pond – Look for the blue rug in the far corner of the nave. This space is for families with infants and toddlers (0-3). A small table and chairs, soft toys, and books are there to help keep hands busy. Parents and siblings are encouraged to sit as near as possible to the Prayer Pond. Please let the ushers know if you need help moving additional chairs.

Narthex – While the sounds that children make are most welcome, we recognize that concerns about disturbing others can hinder parents’ ability to focus on worship. The narthex – the entrance hall with the coffee setup – can be used as a space to worship. There are speakers on the table near the office.

Nursery – If you and your little one(s) simply need a break, an unstaffed nursery is available with speakers broadcasting the service. Go down the hallway with bookcases and you’ll find the nursery on your left.

Questions? Feel free to ask the ushers for help and they will help you find an answer.

Welcoming children is the responsibility of the whole faith community. As the body of Christ, we have made baptismal promises to parents and their children: to nurture, to support, and to pray for their faith.

Here are a few ways we can all welcome children into worship:

  • Learn the names of the young children who sit near you in worship and greet them.
  • Offer to read, do the children’s bulletin, sing, or pray with one child during worship, especially if another child in the family is upset.
  • Help preschoolers and elementary-aged kids to navigate the bulletin, locate hymns, and participate in worship. Children learn by doing!
  • Recognize that some special needs are not visible and some people (children & adults alike) may make unconventional vocalizations, noises, or engage in other behaviors that help them express themselves during the service. Help everyone understand that people with special needs are valuable to our worship. Encourage children to ask questions about differences of all kinds.
  • Celebrate that God put the wiggle in children, and that children’s participation in worship is welcome.