8:30 am Sunday in-person, indoors

In-person worship indoors in the Nave. There is a FAQ, and here are the key points:

  • In keeping with the CDC guidelines, masks are not required, but we do encourage all worshipers to wear a mask. Masks are available at the welcome desk for those who desire them.
  • We will be singing!
  • We will gather around the altar for Communion. The elements will be wafers and gluten-free wafers in biodegradable packages and wine and grape juice in small, lidded, recyclable cups.

8:30 am Sunday Live-stream on Youtube

The 8:30 am indoor worship is live-streamed on our Youtube channel and is available for replay after about 8:45 am.

10:15 am Sunday in-person, outdoors

In-person worship outdoors on the patio and circle. There is a FAQ, and here are the key points:

  • Even though the rate of transmission outdoors seems extremely low, we are encouraging worshipers to wear masks out of an abundance of caution. We are asking people to maintain six feet between households.
  • We will be on the patio and drop off circle between the worship space and Heritage Hall. Please bring a chair with you; a limited number of chairs will be available.
  • It will probably be warm, so please dress accordingly. Outdoor worship is casual; think “camp” more than “high mass.” There will also be a few pop up canopies that will shade about half the area. On extremely hot days or rainy days, we may shorten the service. In case of rain, we will use the pop up awnings over the altar, so please bring an umbrella or wear rain gear. If there is severe weather, we will cancel worship by 8 a.m. on Facebook, (the Facebook feed also appears on the side bar of our website).
  • We will be singing!
  • We will be receiving Communion. Individual wafers, gluten-free wafers, and grape juice will be in pre-packaged, recyclable containers. We will gather in a large circle (or a series of circles) and the packaging will be collected before worshippers return to their seats.
All our past worship videos are available on our youtube channel.

Some of us come early and sit in silence, resting in the solace of sunlight through stained glass and the power of wordless music to order the heart. Some of us come with a burden of sorrow, regret, or apprehension. Some of us come radiant with gratitude. Some of us bring children full of energy, questions, and wonder. Some of us come with a living, burning vision of the reign of God. Some of us come to be known and greeted by name, to be ourselves, to be welcomed. We come for all kinds of reasons, not all of which can be put into words – but we are here every Sunday morning at St. Thomas to worship together. 

Worship is the living heart of this church and the center of this building. Our sanctuary is a broad, square room with a high, peaked wooden ceiling, and our worship layout puts us in a circle around the altar. Witnesses to one another’s presence, we all can see the Body of Christ as it is lived in this place and in our journeys across time. We see the young ones grow up and the old ones grow older; we see our shared work and sorrow and joy.

During the academic year – that’s the last Sunday in August through the next-to-the-last Sunday in May – we worship every Sunday at 8:30 am and 11:00 am, with Education Hour from 9:45 to 10:45. In the summer, Sunday worship is at 8:30 am and 10:15 am. Children of all ages are welcome at all services. We have special worship services during Advent and at Christmas, and during Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. You’ll find service times for these on the HOME page.

It’s been our joy over the years to bring visual grace to our place of worship. Read more about liturgical art at St Thomas here.

Music is a wonderful part of our worship. It’s amazing to sing together here – we can raise the roof! Read more about our choirs, organ, and piano

Worship at St. Thomas is part of an ancient, living tradition of shared liturgy. Read more about what it’s like to worship with us.

Prayer is an important part of worship and of our common life. Read more about our prayer ministry.

Through music, we invite everyone to discover our church and our traditions. Read more about the Worship and the Arts Concert Series.

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