You’re welcome here. As disciples of Christ who value the faith, gifts, and ministry of all God’s people and seek justice and reconciliation, we welcome all God’s children to an inclusive community. This welcome is extended without exception and regardless of sex, race, national origin, educational background, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and mental ability, age, or economic condition. 

The pandemic continues to bring our congregation so many questions. In this strange situation, how can we lead one another to discipleship? How can we form our children in the faith, practice, and ethics of this faith community? How can we worship together under the latest set of guidelines?

And other, greater questions aren’t going away. How can we help to build a society that is more fair, more just, and more inclusive? How can we help to dismantle the racist structures that distort our nation? How can we resist threats to Earth’s beautiful and sacred climate?

All these are serious questions, ultimate questions, because Jesus calls us here and now to love God and our neighbors. We’re searching – through shared study, through worship, through service, through prayer – to find, not ultimate answers, but simply the next steps to take. It’s hard work. We invite you to join us in the search.

COVID-19 Precautions
Masks are recommended throughout the building during the week and at the 8:30 AM service. Masks are required during the 10:15 AM service.  Coffee is served throughout the morning in Heritage Hall and on the parking circle, where we hope people can gather inside or outside as they are comfortable and masks are optional.

  • Masks are recommended. Masks are available at the welcome desk.
  • This service is live-streamed and available on YouTube. If you are shy, there are some areas less visible to the cameras.
  • We gather around the altar for Communion. The elements will be bread broken by our Pastor, gluten-free wafers, and wine and grape juice in recyclable cups.

10:15 Sunday morning, masks required

  • Masks are required. Masks are available at the welcome desk, if needed.
  • We gather around the altar for Communion. The elements will be bread broken by our Pastor, gluten-free wafers, and wine and grape juice in recyclable cups.

The 8:30 AM worship service is live-streamed on the St. Thomas YouTube channel. Video is available for viewing after the live-stream. Links to the videos and the worship bulletin are below.

Here is the Upcoming Schedule for Worship Leaders.

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Our latest newsletter – June-July 2022

10 Jul 2022 Sun - Worship in the Park - 10:45 am

On Sunday, July 10, the church will leave the building! After our usual early worship service at the church (in-person and live-streamed), you’ll find us at the Sycamore Shelter at Lower Cascades Park for a strum-along worship and a potluck to follow. We’ll begin worship a little later that day – about 10:45. Bring a dish to share and table service for your household. If you’d like to sit on something other than a picnic table for worship, you’ll want to bring a lawn chair.

Full Calendar

Holy Week 2022 – How does that caterpillar-to-butterfly thing work, anyway? St. Thomas is blessed to have its very own butterfly wrangler, so we can see the miracle up close. As long as people have been wondering about it, butterflies have been a symbol for renewal and rebirth.