Shared worship is the living heart of this congregation. Some of us come early to rest in the solace of sunlight through stained glass and the power of wordless music to order the heart. Some come with a burden of sorrow, regret, or apprehension. Some are radiant with gratitude. Some bring children full of energy and questions. Some bring a living, burning vision of the reign of God. Some come to be known, to be welcomed by name. We come for all kinds of reasons, not all of which can be put into words – but we are here together every Sunday morning at St. Thomas.

We are so very thankful to be together for in-person again. From March 2020 until April of 2021, we gave up in-person worship to keep everyone safe. We worshiped together on youtube, and all our past worship videos are available on our youtube channel. Beginning on Easter Day of 2021, we’re once more offering in-person worship with every precaution we can think of to keep everyone safe. Our service times change with the academic year and season, but you’ll always find current information on the HOME page. 

Saint Thomas is an inclusive church. As disciples of Christ who value the faith, gifts, and ministry of all God’s people, and who seek justice and reconciliation, we welcome all God’s children to an inclusive community. This welcome is extended without exception and regardless of sex, race, national origin, educational background, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and mental ability, age, or economic condition. St. Thomas has been a Reconciling In Christ congregation since the 1980s.

Along with our staff, a small army of volunteers gathers every Sunday to realize this expression of worship. Readers, ushers, greeters, servers, and the faithful behind-the-scenes people who wash and polish altar dishes, arrange flowers, and look after the candles, vestments, and the altar linen. Also, the ‘circus crew’ who put up and tear down the tents for outdoor worship. We welcome volunteers to this enterprise – come join us!

Children are welcome in our worship. Read more about children in worship.

We invite you to add your special concern to today’s Prayers of the People by writing it on the prayer desk on the left as you enter the sanctuary. Read more about our prayer ministries.

Music is a vital, important part of our worship. Read more about our congregational singing, choirs, organ, and concert series.

Sermons are an important guide to this congregation’s values and our role in the Bloomington community. Along with the livestream videos, we also keep sermon texts online for members to read, think about and share.