Our Mission: St. Thomas Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered community that lives, shares, and celebrates God’s grace with all people! 

Keeping each other safe during COVID
Please visit our homepage and specific ministry pages to see how we are adapting our shared ministry to this challenge.

Our Vision:To nurture a mission centered community that

  • values the faith, gifts, and ministry of all God’s people
  • calls and prepares us to live our faith in daily word and action
  • equips and sends disciples for outreach
  • works together as a body to extend and strengthen the church of Christ Jesus
  • practices responsible stewardship of all creation

Our Core Values:

  • Community centered on Christ Jesus that accepts Christ as God’s sacrifice for sin and a model of the Godly life; centers our gatherings on prayer, devotions, and fellowship; and encourages growth in faith
  • God’s Grace which is God’s love freely given to everyone, saves each of us through fatih, transforms our daily lives in Christ with one another, and promises eternal life
  • God’s Word and Sacraments which reveal the presence of God–the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, among us and with us; grant forgiveness to us as we forgive others; and invite us into the community and body of Christ
  • Communication that is wholehearted, straightforward, intentional, honest, open and sincere; generous, timely and open minded; gracious, loving and kind
  • Compassion that reflects God’s love through us to others; accepts and give forgiveness; and shares what God has given us in our community and our world
  • Diversity that encourages diverse worship within our Lutheran heritage; embraces and nurtures individual uniqueness; welcomes all God’s children to an inclusive community; and values and encourages our historic relationship with the university community

Safe SanctuariesSt. Thomas is a Safe Sanctuary. Safe Sanctuaries is a set of policies that help to make congregations safe places where children, youth and elders may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith. St. Thomas has set policies concerning the appropriate behavior of adults who work with children. All adults who teach in the nursery are required to undergo a background check.

Reconciling Christ logo Because we are guided by the words of scripture that “God shows no partiality,” (Acts 2:34; Romans 2:11) we are committed to affirming the ministries of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities. St. Thomas has been a Reconciling In Christ congregation since the 1980s.