Our Mission: St. Thomas Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered community that lives, shares, and celebrates God’s grace with all people! 

Please visit our homepage and specific ministry pages to see how we are adapting our shared ministry to COVID.

St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church is in Bloomington, Indiana, a small city with farming roots going back 200 years, a regional medical center, and a Big Ten university drawing students and scholars from all over the world. Our energy comes from this community of thinkers, makers, growers, artists, and learners. Here’s a little about our history.

We are an inclusive church. As disciples of Christ who value the faith, gifts, and ministry of all God’s people and who seek justice and reconciliation, we welcome all God’s children to an inclusive community. This welcome is extended without exception and regardless of sex, race, national origin, educational background, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and mental ability, age, or economic condition. St. Thomas has been a Reconciling In Christ congregation since the 1980s.

We’re an ecumenical church – you don’t have to be Lutheran to worship here! Read about our ecumenical and interfaith ties.

Our Vision: To nurture a mission centered community that

  • values the faith, gifts, and ministry of all God’s people
  • calls and prepares us to live our faith in daily word and action
  • equips and sends disciples for outreach
  • works together as a body to extend and strengthen the church of Christ Jesus
  • practices responsible stewardship of all creation