Youth ministry is everyone’s ministry.

When children are baptized, we make promises on behalf of the whole church. Just as the parents and sponsors make their promises, the whole church is asked, “People of God, do you promise to support [this person] and pray for them in their new life in Christ?” Whether a child was baptized here or in another congregation, we carry out these promises made by the people of God. Sometimes our support and prayers are invisible, yet how meaningful when the recipient knows that we care and are praying!

After over a year of socially distancing, we are slowly moving back into sharing space together. During the last program year, much of our activities and opportunities for connection took place over Zoom. While activities continued, relationships were formed and new members found St Thomas, there was less opportunity for informal connection and cross-generational connection.

As we begin a new program year, we’re excited to see folks in the same physical space, able to have some of those informal conversations that we missed out on. As we gather together again, this is a great time to reconnect with the youth and children you know and to meet others – and to let them know that you support them and pray for them.